Child Care Nurse Consultant

Partnership with public health to provide technical assistance to child care providers on issues related to health and safety.
Contact Info: Cyndi Mason, R.N.
Lee County Health Department
PO Box 1426, #3 John Bennett Drive
Ft. Madison, IA 52627
Phone: (319)372-5225 or (800)458-6672

Van Buren County Parents as Teachers

Early Childhood family education and support program for families prenatal through Kindergarten entry
Contact Info: Van Buren County Hospital
Janet Phelps


Healthy Families Iowa in-home parent education and support services for families in Lee County with children 0-5
Contact Info: Missy Park
Lee County Health Department
PO Box 1426, #3 John Bennett Drive
Ft Madison, IA 52627
Phone: 800-458-6672 or 319-372-5225

Emerging Community Needs/Support

The Children First Board is currently working to define and respond to emerging needs in the local communities they serve which may have an effect on children 0-5 and their families and/or their EC providers.
Contact Info: Ginger Knisley
319 526-5686

Head Start in Van Buren & Lee Counties

Various equipment needs and classroom staff services for children to attend Head Start

Dental Daycare

Dental preventative care and education in preschool settings

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Mental health training, coaching, and mentoring available to early childhood professionals in a 10 county region provided by Early Childhood Specialists employed by Henry County ISU Extension.

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Children First empowers children and families to thrive and prosper through quality services, resources, and support, in response to community need.

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