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 Early Childhood Iowa
The Early Childhood Iowa web site serves as a site to promote Iowa's system of systems in the area of early care, health, and education.
 Every Child Counts
In May, 2004, the Child and Family Policy Center established a new advocacy division for its state work, Every Child Counts. The goal of Every Child Counts is to build a grassroots network of child advocates who can inform and influence Iowa policies. Every Child Counts will focus upon three policy arenas for the 2005 legislative session:
 Reach Out And Read
Reach Out and Read (ROR) is a program that promotes early literacy by bringing new books and advice about the importance of reading aloud into the pediatric exam room.
 Iowa Quality Rating System
 Iowa Legislators
Keep yourself informed and contact your legislators on topics that matter to you.
 Guide to legislator survey on children and families

Early Childhood Resources
 2016 Community Plan (1.1MB)
 FY2008 to FY2013 funds comparison (177K)
 Communities Losing Fluoride! (143K)
See attached report from IDPH regarding communities discontinuation of this valuable health resource.
 Board Application (22K)
Please complete and submit to the Children First office
 Van Buren County Community Services Directory (481K)
 2018 Children First board meeting calendar (98K)
Draft 2018 board meeting calendar - check events page of website monthly for updates

Board Meeting Agendas
 11-21-17 Regional EC conversation (38K)
 1-18-18 (105K)
 Finance committee 2-6-18 (90K)
 2-15-18 (106K)
 3-15-18 (104K)
 4-19-18 (106K)
 Finance Committee (92K)
 5-17-18 Retreat (99K)
 6-21-18 (100K)
 8-16-18 with ECTF (100K)
 9-13-18 (99K)
 10-18-18 (99K)
 11-15-18 (103K)

Board Meeting Minutes
 11-16-17 retreat (376K)
 1-18-18 (271K)
 Finance committee 2-6-18 (254K)
 2-15-18 (275K)
 3-15-18 (275K)
 Executive Committee 4-19-18 (92K)
 4-19-18 (276K)
 5-17-18 (279K)
 6-21-18 (275K)
 8-16-18 with ECTF (285K)
 9-13-18 (346K)
 10-18-18 (346K)

Early Childhood Task Force Agendas
 03-15-17 retreat (98K)
 04-26-17 (168K)
 05-16-17 (69K)
 06-28-17 (112K)
 09-27-17 (168K)
 10-25-17 (170K)
 10-25-17 (170K)
 11-15-17 (173K)
 12-20-17 (170K)
 03-14-18 (100K)
 01-17-18 (275K)
 3-14-18 Retreat and Bid Conference (179K)
 04-25-18 (170K)
 051518 (173K)
 06-27-18 (170K)
 09-26-18 (223K)
 11-28-18 (172K)

Early Childhood Task Force Minutes
 03-15-17 retreat (201K)
 04-18-17 (185K)
 05-16-17 (130K)
 06-28-17 (215K)
 09-27-17 (186K)
 10-25-17 (190K)
 11-15-17 (194K)
 12-20-17 (340K)
 1-24-18 (340K)
 03-14-18 (277K)
 04-25-18 (191K)
 05-15-18 (185K)
 06-27-18 (192K)
 09-26-18 (188K)
 10-24-18 (189K)
 11-28-18 (191K)

Our annual reports
 Executive Summary 2017 (189K)

Our Mission...

Children First empowers children and families to thrive and prosper through quality services, resources, and support, in response to community need.

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